The New World of Wedding Registries

When it comes to wedding planning, the decisions don’t stop the details for the ceremony and reception! There are choices to be made about your honeymoon and which gifts to register for so that your friends and family know the items you’re eyeing!

Most registries are pretty simple – visit each store online or in person and make a list of all your wants – but Blueprint Registry makes the process fun and realistic. The platform allows you to create a layout of your home and then select items based on rooms to a custom registry … from any online retailer! Gone are the multiple different lists by store – Blueprint Registry made the entire process fun for both the couple and the gifters!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.15.41 AM

Blueprint Registry also makes different types of gifting that much easier. Friends of the couple can go in on larger gifts together and the couple can even create a honeymoon or cash registry. Gone are the days of writing out checks or clicking through to multiple different e-commerce sites just to figure out what gifts are still available for purchase. With Blueprint Registry, guests and couples can enjoy a seamless gift-giving and receiving process!


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