Brand Your Wedding Cocktails

Weddings are not complete without an array of beverage choices – both alcoholic and nonalcoholic!


Make sure you brand your wedding cocktails to fit into the theme and color scheme of your wedding. After all, each guests will have a drink in their hands for the majority of the reception for both dinner and dancing. Think of all of those Instagram opportunities that can include your initials or hashtag!


HitchedCraft has a variety of different products for your beverage needs, all of which can be completely customized! Set up a display of koozies for the beer drinkers in your crowd and make sure the bartenders have an ample supply of drink stirrers.


If you’re planning to send your guests home with a bottle of wine as their favor, consider snagging our custom wine labels so you can pretend you own your own vineyard!

HitchedCraft Products

Wine Labels || Koozies || Drink Stirrers


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