The Drink Debate: Premade Cocktails vs a Full Bar

Refreshments are an essential part of any wedding. While some couples opt for full bars at their reception, others choose to serve a selection of signature cocktails. A full bar gives guests the option to choose their beverage of choice, but it can be very stylish to offer up the couple’s favorite drinks in larger drink dispensers.

wedding bar

There are clearly pros and cons to each option and really depends on the couple’s sentiments! Whichever option you choose as bride and groom, one thing’s for sure. Libations come along with an array of custom products, which the couple can personalize to their liking.

Napkins and cups decorated with your initials or hashtag are the perfect Instagram moment, while beer and wine labels can make you feel as though you have your own brew or vintage. (These are also great options for wedding favors too!) Don’t forget the coasters and koozies!

Hitched Craft Products 

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